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Microsoft to be streaming the BUILD conference live

There has been speculation on whether Microsoft will be streaming the BUILD conference live. Fortunately, Microsoft have confirmed the legitimacy of a LIVE stream starting from September 13th at 9AM PDT time.


@MicrosoftPress has confirmed that they will be streaming the Windows 8 BUILD conference over at buildwindows.com. For many months, there has been speculation on whether Microsoft was going to stream the event live.

Microsoft will still be putting up video highlights of the conference the following day of the event.

A recent rumour also suggests that Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8 build 8100 to everyone over the BUILD conference period. Will you be beta testing the new OS?

WinBeta will be covering the conference as it happens. What are you looking forward to? Many new features have been implemented into Windows 8, such as the new Metro UI, and the overall speed of the operating system.

Watch the Live Keynote here: http://www.buildwindows.com/

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