Microsoft Bands are back in stock online at the Microsoft Store, for a limited time of course

Microsoft bands are back in stock online at the microsoft store, for a limited time of course

Microsoft Store online is once again selling the Microsoft Bands, for a limited time. If you head over to the online store, you can purchase the Microsoft Band in all three sizes for $199, with an estimated ship date of 05/06 for the small and medium sizes, and a ship date of 04/01 for the large size.

There is no telling how long the stock will last, but given the history of this device, one can easily assume that this is for a limited time only. A few weeks ago, Microsoft began selling a limited quantity of Microsoft Bands to those who signed up to be notified of new availability. The Band is still limited to US residents only, so the rest of the world will still have to obtain it through other, likely more expensive, channels. 

Head over to the VIA link below to purchase a Microsoft Band while you can.

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