Microsoft Band production reportedly stopped to focus on Microsoft Band 2

Sean Michael

Microsoft Band
The second edition of the Microsoft Band could be rolling out sooner than expected. According to gdgtarena (via Neowin) Microsoft Band production is halting to allow Microsoft to focus on the Microsoft Band 2 (not the official name). Reportedly, once current stock is gone at locations with the Microsoft Band there won’t be any more shipments of the device. No more Bands will be produced and once they sell out of refurbished Microsoft Bands and the entire line will be sold out until the Microsoft Band 2 is released.
Kevin Turner from Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft is working on the Microsoft Band 2 so it’s no surprise that the shift is happening. There are no details out about the specs of the successor to the Microsoft Band and there is no official release date. Many hope that the next device will be less bulky and fans of wearables always clamor for longer battery life but at this point those are just specs on a wish list.
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