Microsoft Band picked as the official training wearable of Tough Mudders

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The Microsoft Band just got a ringing endorsement from perhaps one of the most lauded athletic endurance activities around. Microsoft and the Tough Mudder brand have partnered for this season's list of intensive obstacle courses.

Beyond being the official training wearable of this Tough Mudder season and being highlighted in marketing material, the new partnership also brings a custom guided workout app, Coach Mudd. As mentioned, the Coach Mudd app allows Band wearers the ability to build custom Guided Workouts that will help them train and get prepared for that first 10-12-mile mud and obstacle course that is a Tough Mudder challenge.

Band 2 touch mudders
Tough mudders will be using the microsoft band 2.

The utility of the Coach Mudd service isn’t relegated to just the Band (although probably best used there). Interested athletes can access the Tough Mudder Guided Workouts via the Health App on Windows 10 Mobile, Android, or iOS devices. Thanks in part to the array of sensors on the Band, Tough Mudder’s Guided Workouts can take advantage of calorie tracking, heart rate analysis and oxygen levels (when necessary), a barometer for elevation gains, and built-in GPS charting to offer the best insights into training for that first Tough Mudder challenge.

As part of the partnership, Microsoft and the Tough Mudder brand will be traveling across the country, presumably at their hosted courses, offering hands-on training and experiences with the Microsoft Band. Stay tuned for more updates on how Microsoft's Band 2 wearable is making a splash in the athletic community.

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