Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health help Eric Schmit recover from loss

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In a heart-breaking post on the Microsoft Health Blog, Eric Schmit discusses the aftermath following losing his wife to cancer in Winter 2014. After taking stock of his own health, Schmit realized he would have to do more if he wanted to live a healthier life. Schmit neglected his own health as he cared for his wife as she fought Stage 4 Melanoma and now weighed over 300lbs. Schmit employed the help of the Microsoft Band 2 to help him achieve his fitness goals and organize his hectic life.

Schmit never realized how much his wife did to organize their lives. From an everyday household chore to filing taxes, Eric Schmit could barely keep up with all of his priorities that go with being a single dad. The Microsoft Band 2 helped Schmit track his workouts, his sleeping habits, and set reminders for himself for the things that matter most to him and his son; so they can live healthier lives.

With the help of the Microsoft Band 2 and the Microsoft Health app, Schmit used Guide Workouts to track his exercise progress, and, along with a healthier diet, was able to successfully lose 110lbs. Schmit used the Microsoft Band 2 to take the concept of “live healthier and achieve more” to heart by being a better, and healthier, father to his son.
Schmit’s commitment to diet and exercise became more than a lifestyle change; it also has included a career makeover. Schmit had always been a commercial pilot, but that all changed with the death of his wife. After losing all the weight with the Microsoft Band 2 and recognizing the important of living a healthier lifestyle, Schmit went back to school to become a registered dietician, to enable him to help other people make the same changes in their own lives.

If you’re not up to date on the Microsoft Band 2, it’s Microsoft’s latest fitness tracker offering a full 11 sensors to track all of your daily routines, from your daily steps to your golf strokes, in one convenient Microsoft device. With Microsoft Health and the Microsoft Health app dashboard, you can track and analyze your sleeping patterns and workout routines.

Schmit hopes that his weight-loss success story will inspire others to live healthier lifestyles. Eric Schmit knows that taking that first step to get healthier can be a challenge, but he’s learned that the Microsoft Band 2 can make things a little bit easier.

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