Microsoft Band gets new content update for more Guided Workouts, more updates on the way

Microsoft band gets new content update for more guided workouts, more updates on the way

Microsoft is putting out a rather important update for the Microsoft Band. This update adds 12 new guided workouts to the Microsoft Band that users can download through the Microsoft Health app. Last week, a small update was released for the Microsoft Band to fix bugs and performance issues. Microsoft had this to say about the latest Microsoft Band content update:

Starting January 15, users of Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band will receive their first major content update: an influx of new Guided Workouts to help meet their New Year’s fitness goals, which include workouts from best-selling fitness author Mark Rippetoe (“Starting Strength”). This is the first in a series of updates for Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band, and we look forward to announcing additional content, features and partners in the weeks and months ahead.

Microsoft has also indicated that the Microsoft Health app is still in development, and is nowhere near the final product. Hopefully, Microsoft will follow through on its promise for more features to the Microsoft Band. I have not had the chance to buy the Microsoft Band yet, but I am sure that I will need it to shed the extra winter pounds I put on over the holiday season. Do you have the Microsoft Band? Let us know if you do and if you have today's update.

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