Microsoft Band gets June firmware update, the first since April

Joseph Finney

Microsoft Band gets June firmware updates as well

Along with releasing firmware updates to the Surface 3 line, Microsoft today has also updated the firmware to their Band. The update brings no new features but does include always welcome bug fixes. The last firmware update was pushed in April and targeted more specific improvements and fixes. This June update seems to be more general fixes and improvements with no indication of where users can notice any change. Getting the update will occur via the Microsoft Health app which will need to be up to date in order for the band to receive the update.

It would seem Microsoft has solved their supply chain issues and all models are in stock on the Microsoft website for $199. Anyone interested can go to their local Microsoft store and try one on to see which size fits them best. The Microsoft Band was announced in October of 2014 so if you’re holding out for the next version it may still be several months out. The first generation model was surprising capable and featured a heartbeat monitor, GPS, notifications, and even a keyboard.