Is the Microsoft Band 2 on its way out?

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Word on the street is that Microsoft is limiting supplies of their Microsoft Band 2 in stores with a possible plan to get rid of stock before an eventual launch of the rumored Microsoft Band 3.

A source for WinSuperSite has just claimed that in the Best Buy stock system, the Microsoft Band 2 is being listing as “discontinued” and staff are being told that, “No more are coming. They are selling until we run dry.” Indeed, a look at the Best Buy website shows that they could potentially be trying to clear stock as all sizes of the Band 2 are currently being sold for $174.99, that’s $75 off the regular retail price. Interestingly, is also selling the device at the same discounted price, as is Microsoft themselves and several other stores worldwide.

The site also reached out to Microsoft for comment and was told that supplies for the Microsoft Band 2 are indeed limited for the time being. No specific details as to why were revealed though.

The most obvious reason for the limited Microsoft Band 2 stock would be the potential launch of a Microsoft Band 3. The original Microsoft Band launched in October 2014 and the Microsoft Band 2 was released a year later in October 2015. With just three to four months until October 2016, it makes complete sense that a third generation Band is on its way.

Another potential reason for the current situation is that Microsoft has decided to discontinue selling the Microsoft Band 2 due to customer complaints and faulty parts. Just this week, it was reported that Microsoft was shipping slightly improved versions of the Microsoft Band 2 with stronger wristbands due to an increasing number of breakages reported by users. Reducing the price and trying to clear stock of the inferior model would be completely justified. The company could have also decided that, rather than continuing to ship alternate versions of the Band 2 with stronger wristbands, that their money would be better spent on simply focusing on making its successor, the Microsoft Band 3, the best it could be.

Do you think a Microsoft Band 3 is due for release soon or is Microsoft simply taking a break until the Band 3’s eventual release? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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