A Microsoft Band 2 firmware update is coming, here is what is new.

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The Italian Windows Blog Windows Blog Italia has managed to get their hands on an incoming Band 2 firmware update, revealing some details on the new features that will be coming to the Band 2.

Of course, the video showing off the features is in Italian, but when translating the website’s post about the firmware update, we can make out a few of the new additions.

Firstly, the firmware update adds in a new “explore” tile. With “explore” you can trace your path and use GPS to mark points of interest as you walk. Secondly, and per the translation, smart reminders will also see improvements, and will remind you to stay hydrated and eat. Thirdly, the post also mentions a new Microsoft Health Apps for Windows 10, which is most likely the rumored UWP Microsoft Health App. The last part of the firmware update appears to add challenge features to Facebook connectivity, such as challenges for distance, cardio, racing, and biking.

So, what do you think? Let us know what you think of these new features and additions by dropping us a comment below.

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