Microsoft backs down on moving to the new Outlook next year in September

Kevin Okemwa


Towards the end of last week, Microsoft announced that it will replace the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows with the new Outlook for Windows via its Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The company also cited that it intends to make this transition by September 2024 and even indicated that some users might start experiencing UI changes, such as a MailTip in the Mail and Calendar apps.

However, the company has seemingly updated the timeline in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for this feature. According to Microsoft:

We are reevaluating the timing and implementation of this change and will provide updated information shortly. Thank you for your patience.

According to Michael Reinders on Twitter, the change in heart by Microsoft was brought about by the backlash it received from users over the weekend.

Per the Twitter thread, some users seem more enthusiastic about the change than others, with a good number hoping that the transition timeline would be shorter.

As earlier reported, once the timeline lapses, users can no longer use or download the Mail and Calendar apps. Microsoft further added that it would be possible for a user with either a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription would be able to access the new Outlook for Windows. And finally, it will also be possible to use the new Outlook for Windows with any personal email account since it ships with third-party account support.

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