Microsoft Azure now hosting Blackberry's Good Dynamics Security Mobility Platform -
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Microsoft Azure now hosting Blackberry's Good Dynamics Security Mobility Platform

When it comes to the manufacturing and selling of smartphone handsets, companies Microsoft and Blackberry are sitting precariously close to one another at the edge of relative non-existence. However, when it comes to the software, the two are combining their might to plant an enterprise stake in what is arguably the next phase in computing, cloud-based infrastructure.

In a press release issued today, Blackberry has announced its intention to host its Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform in Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The recent collaborative move is intended to “enhance collaboration and communication capabilities for businesses adapting to the cloud,” according to Blackberry.

With the addition of Good Dynamics to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, business users can now opt to install and deploy the secure mobile platform across enterprise-related app suites that include ISV’s, custom developed apps, and collaboration tools.

As we work side-by-side with Microsoft we are providing customers with a breadth of new options to enhance and increase their mobile security," said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry. "By utilizing Good Dynamics through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, customers have more flexibility in their deployment of BlackBerry´s industry-leading solutions - without having to sacrifice user experience or introduce more complexity into their environments."

The addition of Good Dynamics will also work in conjunction with the current BES12 software that already exist on Microsoft’s Azure Platform. Business will now be able to access their BES12 licenses while still utilizing Azure’s reliable cloud infrastructure, all the while saving money leveraging Microsoft’s investment in IT architecture and not their own.

Presumably, Blackberry will be rolling out access in phases that will begin today and continue until general availability has been met. If your company continues to utilize either Good Dynamics or BES12, perhaps have your IT department look into Microsoft’s Azure for access and additional cloud-based benefits.

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