Microsoft Azure IoT technology helps save energy and money in Sweden

When winter hits Sweden, the luxury of hot water is something that is exceptionally expensive. In many Swedish apartments, landlords are forced to divide up water costs equally between tenants, regardless of whether or not any number of them contributed to a high water bill. The accessibility of hot water is often a problem, that so few landlords have an efficient way to find out who consuming large amounts of water, and who is deciding to be more conservative.

Enter Stockrose (a Swedish property management company) and Azure IoT partner. According to the latest story told on the Microsoft blog, this partnership allowed for Stockrose to connect its nearly 250 apartment buildings to the Azure cloud, which enabled a way to approximate what tenants are using the majority of the water.

With this new system in place, landlords in Stockrose properties are able to divide up costs fairly - and offer an incentive to tenants who can live with taking a quick shower. If estimates are correct, this change could potentially save $42 million over the course of just ten years.

You can check out the full story on Microsoft's ever-growing "Customers" section, where you can find several companies that have worked with Microsoft singing their praises about any number of their services.

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