Microsoft Azure gets pass-through authentication and seamless single sign-on

Due to overwhelming user feedback, the Azure team is now announcing the introduction of Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on for public consumption.

Prior to today’s announcement, the Azure team had been running a preview version of the service but according to Alex Simons of Microsoft, the wait for this item to go public is over.

Azure AD pass-through authentication provides a simple, secure, and scalable model for validation of passwords against your on-premises Active Directory via a simple connector deployed in the on-premises environment. This connector uses only secure outbound communications, so no DMZ is required, nor are there any unauthenticated end points on the Internet.

That’s right. User passwords are validated against your on-premises Active Directory, without needing to deploy ADFS servers!”

Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication wasn’t the only news coming out of the Azure department today, also announced was the addition of “Seamless single sign-on for all.” Azure AD Connect IT Pros can now enable a single sign-on for their employees without requiring any additional on-premises infrastructure investments.

To get started with Azure AD-Pass Through Authentication and Seamless Single Sign-on, Microsoft is encouraging customers to download the latest version of Azure AD Connect. The new options can be found in the custom install for new deployments after changing sign-in methods.

Simmons notes in his announcement that today’s release is limited to a short list of supported systems for now. There is documentation the Azure team is providing to ensure that the rollout goes smoothly for those under its support umbrella.

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