Microsoft Azure Dev Test Labs now lets you give Blockchain as a Service a try

Microsoft Azure DevTest Labs was birthed to life to help developers create easy and quick environments exactly the way they need them. The continually updated service lets teams share their repositories publicly, create from templates, and explore ready to test applications with the convenience of Microsoft Azure's cloud. Today, the team announced that Blockchain as a Service is now available through the DevTest Labs.

Blockchain is a term used for a continuously growing list of data records. Data structure blocks that hold data are put together into batches of transactions and executables with links to timestamps, directing to the block that came before it. The innovation of blockchain databases was originally a technology best known by Bitcoin users to act as a public ledger.

Now developers can work on their blockchain environments in Azure DevTest Labs just by searching for a keyword and typing in "Blockchain". The feature includes:

  • Supports public, private and consortium blockchains
  • Quickly provision development and test virtual machines
  • Minimize waste with quotas and policies
  • Set automated shutdowns to minimize costs
  • Create a VM in a few clicks with reusable templates
  • Get going quickly using VMs from pre-created pools
  • Build Windows and Linux virtual machines

The Azure team is continuing to develop more blockchain middleware stack information and documentation that can be accessed via the Github repository. Currently, the Microsoft Project "Bletchley" umbrella only has one topic with three more pending. The full project is Microsoft's attempt at an architectural approach to build an Enterprise Consortium Blockchain Ecosystem through distributed ledger platforms. The White Paper is an overview of the blockchain vision and ecosystem. It also includes an introduction to blockchain technology and how the current blockchain ecosystem has evolved from Bitcoin's 1.0 version. Quite an interesting read for the aspiring developer.

For step by step instructions and images on how to get started with your BlockChain as a Service environment, make sure to check out the latest blog.

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