Microsoft 'aware of demand' for changing the default SkyDrive folder location in Windows 8


For those of you who use the SkyDrive cloud storage service from Microsoft, along with Windows 8 or 8.1 Preview, you most likely noticed that you cant change the SkyDrive folder to another location. You are pretty much stuck with the default location or forced to install the desktop application that lets you sync files from anywhere.

But have no fear. Microsoft is apparently "aware of the demand" when it comes to changing the default SkyDrive folder location in Windows. In an official Microsoft support post, a Microsoft representative hinted that the software giant was aware of the concern and was likely working on a solution, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

"For obvious reasons, we simply can't promise future features. They may be harder to implement that expected. Some EVEN HIGHER priority issue might arise and steal our developer time until the next release. We may all contract the flu and be out during the push to the final release. Or any other of a dozen reasons why we can't provide some particular feature that you are asking for. But believe me that we aware of the demand for the feature where you can set or change the location of the SkyDrive folder," Microsoft stated.

For those of you on Windows 8, you can install the SkyDrive desktop application and set a default SkyDrive folder to another drive or another location. You can also upgrade Windows 8 to the recently released Windows 8.1 Preview, and most users should have their custom SkyDrive location transferred over, barring any bugs that may come up from the Preview release of the operating system.

Microsoft believes that moving your SkyDrive folder to another location in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 is "something we'd like to add and think is important to have." There are obviously alternative methods out there to make this happen, like messing with the registry, but now its nice to know Microsoft shares the same feelings as us. And don't forget that Windows 8.1 is pretty much based off of consumer feedback from Windows 8, which means Microsoft does listen to its customers.

Would you like to see the ability to change the default SkyDrive folder location in the upcoming release of Windows 8.1?

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