Microsoft awarded for its efforts to stop child exploitation worldwide

Microsoft awarded for its efforts to stop child exploitation worldwide

Recently, at the Gala for Child Protection, Microsoft accepted the award for Global Impact for Child Protection for all of the company’s contributions to fighting child exploitation on a global level.

The event, hosted by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, or ICMEC for short, raised over $1.3 million fighting for its cause. Microsoft was lauded for developing and distributing a system called PhotoDNA. Starting in 2009, Microsoft created PhotoDNA to automatically detect and report images of child sexual abuse, helping to prevent further distribution of the images. According to Microsoft, the PhotoDNA service has become an international standard used by a number of organizations around the world. It has detected “millions” of illegal images and reported them to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and other authorities.

“Today, PhotoDNA is a leading best practice for combating child sexual abuse material online and is currently being used by 70 companies, including Facebook and Twitter, non-governmental organizations and law enforcement. In April, Interpol integrated PhotoDNA technology into its International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) database to help officers identify and rescue victims as quickly as possible.”

PhotoDNA is a prime example of how big of an impact technology can have for the good of societies around the world. Microsoft hasn’t stopped there, the company was also praised for its contributions to Project Vic, a project that set out to create a better ecosystem for data sharing between domestic and international law enforcement agents.  

“We have been humbled by the importance of this mission and the devotion of our global partners whose passion makes the world a safer place for children. We see this moment as an acknowledgement of what can be achieved when people and organizations come together to try to make a difference.”

Along with the company’s efforts in improving education with technology, it’s great to see Microsoft take an active role in such an important venture.  

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