Microsoft Authenticator Beta app appears in the Windows Store

Microsoft Authenticator

A universal Microsoft Authenticator (Beta) app has made its way on to the Microsoft Store. The app appears to be in beta stages, and is currently for internal testing purposes, as per the description of the app.

With the new Microsoft Authenticator app, users will be able to unlock their Windows 10 PCs using their smartphones. To get things started, all you have to do is pair your smartphone with your PC using Bluetooth, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to log in to your PC using the app.

Future versions of the app will will include support for Microsoft account, a sign in solution for browsers and VPN. one-time passcode generation, and MFA approval through notifications.

As we said before, it’s currently for internal testing purposes only, but we’re pretty sure it won’t take too much time to officially launch for the general public.

Microsoft Authenticator (beta)
Microsoft Authenticator (beta)
Developer: Internal Beta Account
Price: unknown
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