Microsoft Authenticator adds autofill support for addresses and payment details

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft Authenticator is getting some important updates that should make it much more useful than ever before. Previously, the app only allowed users to autofill passwords across devices and platforms, but it can now sync addresses and payment information on iOS and Android.

“Let Autofill securely save your address or payment info for you so you don’t have to type it again or make any mistakes in getting your important packages delivered,” explained Vishnu Nath, Partner Director of Program Management, Microsoft Mobile and X-Device Experiences at Microsoft. “Your addresses will sync across devices and can be filled automatically, including on your desktop devices using Microsoft Edge or the Microsoft Autofill Extension on Google Chrome.”

Mobile autofill address screen

The Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS and Android will let users autofill payment details and addresses by choosing from the list of autofill suggestions on any app or website. For Chrome users, Microsoft has also added the new autofill capabilities to its Microsoft Autofill extension available on the Chrome Web Store. This release brings the ability for users to access their addresses and credit card details saved in their Microsoft account.

The new autofill experience provides an additional layer of security by encrypting data on devices as well as in the cloud. Microsoft says users will need to verify their identity with a biometric security option to access and autofill payment information. “Our goal is to help our customers access and fill their data in a simple, more secure manner.” Vishnu Nath said today. If you haven’t done it yet, you can download the Microsoft Authenticator app with the links below.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator