Microsoft Authenticator app updates on iOS with new password-free feature

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The Microsoft Authenticator app has updated to Version 5.9.4 on iOS devices such as Apples iPhone and iPad. This update coincides with the roll out of password-less sign-ins on select work and school systems with the release notes heavily promoting this new functionality.

Stop using passwords for your Azure AD account!

The capability to sign in without a password using Microsoft Authenticator across most sign-in surfaces is being rolled out. Upgrade to this new experience by enabling phone sign-in on your work or school account. You will begin to see a new login experience soon!

Go to Help menu > Get Started for more information.

Microsoft Authenticator works in a similar way to other authenticator apps and can be used to generate codes for secure logins. The app can also act as a second screen confirmation for logging into some Microsoft sites and services.

Do you use Microsoft Authenticator? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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