Microsoft Australia aims to educate parents and children on cyber safety with ThinkUKnow

Brad Stephenson

Australia ThinkUKnow

Microsoft Australia has teamed up with the ThinkUKnow program in an attempt to help educate teachers, children, and parents on how to be safe online and when using the latest technology.

In addition to Microsoft Australia, ThinkUKnow also partners with Datacom, the Commonwealth Bank (a major bank in Australia), and even the Australian Federal Police and the Queensland and NSW Department of Education.

ThinkUKnow provides both in-person and online presentation sessions to deliver their data and training to participants and their official website also hosts a variety of resources for interested parties to digest or use themselves in their own presentations.

Microsoft has long been concerned with online safety and has actively participated in several educational programs and campaigns. Most recently, the company relaunched its Safer Online social media campaign and is a frequent supporter of Internet Safety Month which places a strong emphasis on educating technology consumers of all ages.