Microsoft assures Xbox One Party Chat will be fixed soon, no date given

Microsoft assures Xbox One Party Chat will be fixed soon, no date given

If you’ve been playing on your Xbox One lately and have been experiencing party issues, a fix will come soon. Microsoft is infact aware of the issues with the Xbox One party chat service, and Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb, has confirmed that this will get better in a post on Reddit.

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb stated on Reddit, “I had a meeting today about much of this and I can say that things will get better. I can’t offer a timeline of a list of what till be addressed first, but we are aware of the issue and things will get better.”

The party chat service allows users to group up and chat with their friends on Xbox Live. The service allows a maximum of 7 players all chatting with each other at once, and the best part is that not everyone needs to be playing the same game and anyone can play any game at any time and still chat.

But if you’re dying to use this service right now, there is a work around. Several users have been using Skype as an alternative, since it allows a party chat of four people, and it does the job the way it’s supposed to. Using Skype is a quick and free work around and the call quality is excellent.

There’s also another way that people have got the party chat to work, and that was by hard-rebooting their Xbox One console. We didn’t test this out, but we’re positive it might work since some devices just need a little reboot to get everything up and running.

If you have an Xbox One and you’re having this issue, try the two temporary fixes and tell us if they work or not in the comment section below!

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