Microsoft assigns personalities to Outlook email-rules to keep your mailbox neat

Microsoft assigns personalities to Outlook email-rules to keep your mailbox neat

When it comes to technology, I pride myself on a variety of things that in hindsight shouldn’t really be things to be proud of, like going prolonged periods of time without contracting a computer virus, or having an email inbox that isn’t filled with spam and emails from Nigerian princes.

Thankfully, Outlook has a fairly complex set of email rules to help keep your inbox organized. These rules are designed to automatically assign emails based on sender or context to categories of your choosing. Usually used to more effectively get rid of emails that aren’t exactly junk, but ones that you don’t necessarily want to see first thing in the morning. These rules can be an extremely powerful tool, especially for those that receive large amounts of webmail.

In what seems like a push to get people to use the feature more, Microsoft tried to slap friendly faces on each rule in a new post on the Office Blog. ‘The Bouncer’ for example is designed to keep all mail that are not from people in your contacts list out of sight, while ‘The Tax Collector’ is in charge of collecting all emails with the term ‘receipt’ in them and put them in one folder. Keep in mind that the exact rules for these functions aren’t given the names above, as that’s just Microsoft’s way to help you associate what each rule is capable of.

Head over to the source link below to read further about The Bouncer and The Tax Collector, as well as the Mother-in-Law and the Auto-Archiver among others. It’s a good, informative read and I’m surprised to say that it actually made me want to set up some email rules of my own now. I know for one that The Umbrella alone would make my mailbox a lot more organized.

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