Microsoft appoints Jim DuBois as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Microsoft appoints Jim DuBois as the new Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Microsoft has revealed today that Jim DuBois, who has been the interm Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the past six months, has now been officially appointed as Corporate VP and CIO. Jim’s new responsibilities include leading a team of more than 90,000 Microsoft employees in 190 countries worldwide. He will lead a team of employees overseeing Microsoft IT applications, infrastructure, solution delivery and process excellence. 

Jim has been with Microsoft for more than twenty years and had held key leadership roles including General Manager of IT and VP of Microsoft Products and Services IT. According to Microsoft, Jim has a unique view of IT innovation and a deep understanding of technical strategy.

“Jim has demonstrated outstanding leadership in managing our IT organization through the transition period while continuing to position IT as a strategic asset and growth lever for Microsoft. I am confident that, as CIO, he will continue to deliver world-class IT infrastructure and innovation for Microsoft. His proven ability in creating initiatives that build business value and support customers and partners will be invaluable to Microsoft as we continue to accelerate our transformation to a devices-and-services company,” Microsoft’s Kevin Turner stated. Turner is the Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft.

As GeekWire explains, Jim is now in charge of running, securing, and maintaining Microsoft’s internal systems. In essence, he will be in charge of Microsoft’s IT department that is responsible for rolling out new products for internal testing, prior to public release. This is something we know as “dogfooding.” However, Office 365 now places a much bigger role in testing new products, which makes “dogfooding” less important that it used it be.