Microsoft: Apple standardized the homescreen app grid, Android copied it

During the announcement for Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took a shot at Apple and Google’s mobile operating system and how they use rows of icons. Instead, Microsoft wants to put people at the center of the experience with the new Windows Phone 8.

As far as having rows of icons on the home screen, during the keynote, Belfiore stated that the iOS app grid was a “tired old metaphor.” Apple may have standardized the row of icons and Android may have copied it but Windows Phone 8 is designed to put people at the center of the experience. “We’ve introduced what we think is our most beautiful and innovative line of hardware yet,” states Joe Belfiore during the Windows Phone 8 launch event. According to Belfiore, there are now 120,000 Windows Phone 8 apps available in the Store. Microsoft is also doubling language support to have support for 50 languages and 191 countries will have access to these apps. Windows Phone 8 launches today!

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