Microsoft beta testing big changes to points earnings in Microsoft Rewards to put more emphasis on using Edge

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Microsoft appears to be beta testing some changes to the daily points earnings in Microsoft Rewards in the United States. As noted on Reddit, some people are seeing new points counts for the way Edge, PC, and mobile searches are valued for daily sets.

According to the community on the Microsoft Rewards subreddit, there’s a couple of changes being beta tested. The normal points values are 150 points for PC searches, 100 points for mobile searches, and 20 points for using the new Microsoft Edge. However, several people are seeing some big changes, apparently putting a bigger emphasis on using Edge. A summary of some of the changes is seen below.

  • 100 Points for PC search/50 points for Mobile Search/120 Points for Edge Searches
  • 150 Points for PC search 100 points for Mobile Search/ 150 Points for Edge Searches
  • 10 Points for PC search/ 10 points for Mobile Search/ 250 Points for Edge Searches
  • 250 Points for PC search/ 10 points for Mobile Search/ 10 Points for Edge Searches
  • 150 Points for PC search/ 150 Points for Mobile Search/ 100 Points for Edge Searches

To be clear, this change isn’t rolling out to everyone. Like the last time we saw Microsoft beta testing a new Rewards dashboard and Bing Rebates changes, before a wider rollout, the company could just be testing the waters to see how the public feels about the switch in values. For some people, the change could result in points gains for daily sets, while others could be seeing losses over the current values and system. We’ll be following this closely and will let you know if these changes become permanent.

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