Microsoft apparently trying to rebrand its image in upcoming TV commercials


Microsoft is apparently in the process of re-branding themselves in three upcoming TV commercials. It has been over six months since Microsoft re-branded its image and debuted a new logo for the company. What could these commercials be about?

According to a new report, Microsoft has hired a content writer to create three “60 second spots” for the software giant. “Currently under NDA for project specifics. Hired to re-brand the image of Microsoft in three 60-second spots,” the writer’s portfolio states.

Is Microsoft going to work on creating advertisements that focus more on the mobile side of things, especially with the Surface devices or the upcoming Windows Blue update? It looks like Microsoft “rebranding” effort will take the form of three 60 second TV commercial advertisements.

Perhaps the term “rebrand” is being tossed around loosely here and the advertisements are simply going to push Microsoft’s mobile product line, such as the Surface and Windows Phone platform. This push would signify that Microsoft isn’t here just for Windows on the desktop or Windows Phone for smartphones, rather, the company is indeed looking to make its mark in the mobile market.

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