Microsoft apparently not ready to acquire Yahoo

With recent reports that Microsoft is looking to acquire Yahoo, new sources are claiming that the software giant is not even close to making an offer for Yahoo. In fact, the two companies are not even involved in discussions. So whats going on here?

Reports were circulating that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Yahoo, who apparently holds more than a thousand patents as well as its search and advertising partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft currently plans on reviewing Yahoo's financial information, according to one insider who wished to remain anonymous. "Yahoo's value hasn't grown in years, and some executives feel we should buy something that is more forward-looking," said another anonymous executive.

Yahoo has been reviewing "strategic options" as of late and company shares spiked by nearly 10% after rumors circulated that Microsoft was making an offer to acquire the company.

One big benefit for Microsoft if they were to acquire Yahoo would be to clench nearly 30% of the search market and boost Bing to new heights. Looks like we will just have to wait and see if Microsoft decides to go forth with this acquisition.

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