Microsoft apologizes for technical glitch that blocked payments to Xbox 360 indie game developers

Fahad Al-Riyami

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Microsoft apologizes for technical glitch that blocked payments to Xbox indie game developers

Even without a massive budget and resources that major game developers have, indie developers still manage to come out with some pretty amazing games. Not being limited or constrained by what “the higher-ups” also helps, as they have full creative freedom over their work.

Microsoft has been supporting indie developers for a number of years now, and as of November 2014 have published over 3,300 titles. Unfortunately, a technical glitch on Microsoft’s end caused many Xbox Live Indie Games developers to go unpaid. The glitch has only affected indie games on the Xbox 360, as Xbox One developers enrolled in the [email protected] program have all received their third-quarter payments on time. Microsoft has since apologized for the delay via its official [email protected] Twitter account and issued the following statement:

“Due to a technical issue in our payment system, we recently learned that some payments to select developers in the Xbox Live Indie Games program on Xbox 360 were delayed. Our partners are important to us and we work hard to help make sure they have a great development experience. This was an unfortunate error and we are working hard to fix it. We apologize for this incident and anticipate developers will receive payments within the next two weeks.”

In the meantime, we can all continue to sit patiently and wait for the likes of Limbo and Ori and the Blind Forrest to hit the Xbox. Check out the Ori trailer above!