Microsoft apologizes for ‘Rape Joke’ made during Xbox E3 Press Conference

Killer Instinc on Xbox One

Microsoft recently hosted their annual E3 Press Conference in which the company talk about plans for the Xbox. This year was no difference, as the company revealed many new games for the next generation Xbox console, the Xbox One. One of the games revealed was Killer Instinct, which was demoed by two employees at the conference.

In the demo, a man and woman play a round of Killer Instinct. The man is seen pretty much showing the woman who’s boss, by defeating her character pretty quickly. However it’s what’s said during the battle that has stirred up a fuss. As the man defeats the woman, she says “I can’t even block correctly and you’re too fast,” to which the man replies “just let it happen. It will be over soon.”

Many are claiming this line to be what someone would say during rape. Unfortunately, Microsoft had to issue a statement for this inconvenience, claiming that “one of our employees made an off the cuff and inappropriate comment while demoing ‘Killer Instinct’ with another employee. This comment was offensive and we apologize.”

To be honest, we didn’t see the rape joke when it was said it on stage, and neither do we see it now. It just looks like people are overacting over small things for reasons which are unknown. It’s unfortunate that Microsoft needs to respond to something like this, especially as it really meant nothing.

Check out the video below for the moment in which the ‘Rape Joke’ is made.

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