Microsoft Apologizes for Email Glitch

Recently, Microsoft's Exchange cloud-based subscription service suffered a massive email backlog and resulted in a ton of upset users. Now, Microsoft issues an apology and a detailed explanation on what really happened.

As PCWorld reports, a series of glitches caused a massive email backlog for Microsoft's Exchange cloud-based subscription service. One of the glitches involved messages being delayed for as long as nine hours. Another glitch caused issues with Outlook Web Access.

Microsoft's response? "On Tuesday and today we experienced three separate service issues that impacted customers served from our Americas data center. All of these issues have been resolved and the service is now running smoothly. These incidents were unique to [Business Productivity Online Suite] and not related to Office 365 or any other Microsoft services."

"I'd like to apologize to you, our customers and partners, for the obvious inconveniences these issues caused. We know that email is a critical part of your business communication, and my team and I fully recognize our responsibility as your partner and service provider," said Microsoft Online Services corporate vice president Dave Thompson.

This is not the first time in recent times that Microsoft's cloud based services had a glitch. Just last week, Office Live customers were having connectivity issues. Office 365 is set to replace Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite, Office Live Small Business, and [email protected]

At least Microsoft is being humble about it and providing the users with details about the hiccups.

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