Microsoft anticipates a shift from graphical user interface to natural user interface

Microsoft's Human Touch

It is no surprise that Microsoft is beginning to shift towards a more touch-friendly set of products and services. In a recent lecture titled “How Tomorrow’s Technologies Will Shape Your World,” Microsoft’s Craig Mundie spoke about Microsoft’s plan for the future and it involves human sense-like capabilities.

Microsoft’s Craig Mundie, the senior advisor to CEO Steve Ballmer, spoke during a lecture and mentioned that Microsoft anticipates a shift from the current graphical user interface of simply pointing and clicking to a more natural user interface of simply touch and using human senses.

“We’d really like a computer to be more like us, and through that, we want many more people to get computing capability.. There’s no reason to believe that in the future that any person who’s buying a television or a cellphone won’t inherently be buying a computer,” Mundie added.

“I ask myself, ‘How should a farmer in rural India be able to use these machine capabilities?’ He should be able to pick up his phone and ask, ‘When should I fertilize?’ and it would say, ‘Thursday,'” he added further.

During the lecture, Mundie demonstrated the company’s current touch capabilities by using a 55 inch touch screen to show apps that can analyze and visually represent large sets of data, as well as demoed a video that showcases real-time language translation from voice recognition.

Mundie hopes that Microsoft’s new touch capabilities will enhance user productivity by making human interactions with computers seamless and intuitive. Microsoft believes that computers should be able to assist people in their work, rather than inhibit it. Everyone ready for a touch-centered future?

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