Microsoft announces Web-based Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft plans on launching the web version of its Windows Phone Marketplace later this year and will serve as an alternative method to browse Windows Phone apps and games. This comes just in time as Windows Phone 7.1 codenamed Mango is set to ship on new phones this fall.

As TechSpot reports, Microsoft will debut the web version of the Windows Phone Marketplace later this year and will showcase more than 17,000 apps that are available for the Windows Phone. This will give app and game developers a much needed boost in visibility for their creations.

Users will be able to browse the full catalog, view screenshots, read application details and review, and choose different supported languages. Users can also share their favorite application pics via Facebook or Twitter.

When you make a purchase, the user’s credit card that is linked to an exisiting Windows Live ID, will be charged. The new Web Marketplace will also maintain a download history in case you need to reinstall an app and provide parental controls which will allow parents to determine what apps their kids can access based on ratings.

Windows Phone 7.1 codename Mango is set to ship with new phones this fall and we expect to see this new marketplace up and running by then.

Here is a screenshot of the Web Marketplace (image from TechSpot):

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