Microsoft announces Surface All Access, a Surface hardware subscription program starting at $24.99 per month for Surface Go

Dave W. Shanahan

Surface Go Review

Microsoft just announced Surface All Access, a way to own a Surface product by paying a monthly fee instead of buying a Surface outright. Much like Xbox All Access, which you can sign up for at your local Microsoft Store, and the Surface Plus program before it, Surface All Access will let users pay a monthly fee to own any Surface product, starting at $24.99 a month for the Surface Go.

The Surface Plus program was abruptly cancelled just last month with no official comment from Microsoft until now. Stay tuned for more details on Surface All Access, but you can expect to shell out a big monthly fee if you are looking to own something bigger and better than the Surface Go, like, say, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2.

It is expected that Microsoft will release more details on Surface All Access soon, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on what’s next.