Microsoft announces several new time-saving features for Outlook on the web and Outlook mobile

Laurent Giret

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Outlook is a core Microsoft 365 app that works great across all platforms, though with some subtle differences. Outlook for Windows still remains the most versatile version with lots of features for power users, but Microsoft isn’t neglecting other platforms either.

This morning, the company announced some important updates for Outlook on the web and mobile, with several new features that should help users save some time every day. The company’s blog post is pretty long and mentions features that were already available, so we’re going to separate the new web features from the mobile ones, for clarity.

What’s new in Outlook on the web

  • Improvements for meeting invites: Outlook on the web will give users more control over meeting invites by displaying messages, meeting details, attendee’s responses, with the ability to add an online meeting to the event if the organizer forgot to do it.
  • Add a personal calendar to your work account: The web client will make it easy to see both your work and personal calendars in the same place, and the times allocated to personal events will show you as busy when coworkers want to coworkers want to schedule a meeting with you.
    Schedule emails: Outlook on the web will now allow you to choose when your emails are delivered to recipients. The option will appear when you click the drop-down menu next to the “Send” button.

What’s new in Outlook for mobile

  • Meeting Insights in Outlook for Android: This feature will show information you may find relevant, such as emails and files, in the event details on your calendar (add image)
  • Join Zoom or WebEx meeting with just one tap: Outlook for iOS and Android are getting a one-tap join experience for Zoom or WebEx online meetings, similar to how it already works for Microsoft Teams meetings (image available)
  • Improvements to suggested replies: Outlook on iOS and Android already supports suggested replies for emails, but the app will soon be able to use AI to share your availability when coworkers want to meet with you (image available).
  • Create a task from an email: Outlook for iOS will let you create a task from an email, which will then appear on Outlook on the desktop or Microsoft To-Do (image available)
  • Play my emails with Cortana on Android: The Android app will be able to read out your new email messages, a useful Cortana-powered feature that’s already available on iOS. Other voice commands will also let you manage your tasks, RSVP to meetings, or join Teams meetings hands-free.

“We hope this first set of new and updated experiences will help you get back more control of your day, spend less time preparing for meetings, protect your personal time, and organize your calendar to stay balanced,” said Gideon Bibliowicz, Director of Product Marketing, Outlook and Exchange today. The company will likely have more to Microsoft 365 updates to share next week during its Inspire digital event on July 21-22.