Microsoft announces partnership with Mod Notebooks, results in tighter OneNote integration

Microsoft announces partnership with Mod Notebooks, results in tighter integration with OneNote

While digital inking/note taking is on the rise having inspired devices like the Surface Pro line of tablets, there are still many occasions where the traditional pen and paper still have the upper hand. But physical notebooks still have their disadvantages; they can get lost, they’re susceptible to coffee spillages, and they have no quick search function. Cloud storage is the answer to that. So what if you can have the best of both worlds? A company called Mod Notebooks set out to accomplish just that.

If you’re unaware of Mod Notebooks, they’re a company that will sell you beautifully crafted, high-quality physical notebooks that you would use just as you would a regular notebook. You could take down your notes and doodles however you want. Once you’ve filled the notebook up, you place it in the pre-paid envelope that came with it and mail it back to Mod, who would then digitize your notes within 5 days – for free – and then upload them to their cloud. You could then access your notes from any device via the browser or their mobile app. As for the physical notebook itself, you could have the company recycle it or have it sent back to you.

Today, Mod Notebooks and Microsoft announced a partnership that will see tighter integration between Mod and OneNote. You will now to able to sync from the Mod cloud directly to OneNote, making it quick and easy for you to categorize and manipulate your notes. With OneNote being the best place to collectively create, edit, and store all your notes, a partnership like this makes perfect sense.

Despite the fact that the Modern UI version of OneNote also has functionality to scan your handwritten notes via the camera, what are your thoughts on the partnership? Do you see yourself using Mod?

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