Microsoft announces new Xbox voice reporting feature to improve online gaming safety

Robert Collins

Xbox Voice Reporting Custom

Microsoft has announced a new voice reporting feature to help improve online gaming safety and prevent harassment in multiplayer game voice chat. In its statement Microsoft said it wanted to focus on in-game voice chat as the next big area of innovation in safety.

The new reporting feature will expand upon the existing voice reporting capability by allowing users to capture a 60-second video clip of harassing or abusive chat behavior, which they can then submit as evidence to the Xbox Safety Team upon reporting the incident. The feature will work with thousands of games with online multiplayer voice chat, including backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles.

Xbox Reactive Voice Reporting Infographic Image

The feature is designed so that players have full control and can choose what to capture and report, drawing the line on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior on the platform. Only you, the player, can initiate the capture of the last 60-seconds of gameplay activity that occurred for content moderation purposes. While this feature works similarly to how you’d capture a game video, any captured clips using the voice reporting feature are only for content moderation purposes – they will not appear in your recent captures and clips cannot be downloaded, modified, or shared. Only players have access to the clip until they submit it with their report – Xbox is not saving or uploading any voice clips without the player choosing to start the reporting process.

This feature will first be released to the Xbox Insiders Program starting this week before going live to the public at some future date. Microsoft stresses that captured clips will strictly be used for moderation purposes only and are kept in adherence to the Microsoft Privacy Statement. Video clips will be deleted after 90 days if no violation is found.

See here for Xbox Community Standards info.

Via Xbox Wire