Microsoft announces new Microsoft Edge blog for developers and more

Microsoft announces new Microsoft Edge blog for developers and more

The development of Microsoft’s new Edge browser is progressing, and the company is now looking to connect with developers that will potentially write websites and develop extensions with the browser in mind through a new blog.

Microsoft has just announced the new Microsoft Edge Dev Blog to act a new portal for developers to get access to the latest news and technical details about the next-generation browser and what Microsoft has in store for it in the future. It will also be where the software giant will share news on Internet Explorer for Windows 10 as well.

“[In the new Blog] the Microsoft Edge team will share with you the latest on our activities, including the latest updates to the browser and the evolution of our product vision. You will also see a regular stream of technical, deep-dive content in an effort to further our goal of building an open conversation with web developers and enthusiasts.”

Microsoft announces new Microsoft Edge blog for developers and more

Additionally, Microsoft also announced the Microsoft Edge Web Summit, where the company gathered developers from around the world to unveil a refresh to Microsoft’s developer tools and online properties with the new Microsoft Edge name. Microsoft will share more details on the browsers web engine over the next few days.

Microsoft is also launching the Microsoft Edge Dev site as a successor to the Modern.IE site. This new site will act as a unified hub for all things Microsoft Edge. Developers visiting the site will be able to learn about the browsers, its tools, and the team that works on the browser. Connecting with the Microsoft Edge will be done via Reddit AMAs and the regular #AskIE hashtag on Twitter, which will now be #AskMSEdge. Speaking of Twitter, interested developers should also follow @MSEdgeDev as well to learn about the browser and provide feedback.

Microsoft announces new Microsoft Edge blog for developers and more

Microsoft lists the following on what to expect from the new Microsoft Edge Dev site, which is launching as a beta today.

  • A new Platform Status page: We’ve updated StatusIE based on your feedback to make it easier to filter and find the information you are looking for.
  • A Microsoft Edge change log: As we ship faster and more openly than ever, including early previews through the Windows Insider Program, we saw a need to provide an up-to-date listing of what’s new in each preview and stable release.
  • A new developer FAQ: We’ve compiled the most common questions from our #AskIE chats so you can find the answers to your questions about Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10. This will be a living document – you can always reach out to @MSEdgeDev if your questions don’t appear here. Maybe we’ll add yours next!
  • We’ve updated our TestDrive website, where you can find open source and interoperable demos showing off the latest web platform technologies supported by Microsoft Edge.

It’s great to see that Microsoft is continuing its trend of connecting with its customers to get feedback and improve its products and services. The strategy seems to be working with the Technical Preview and there’s no reason it shouldn’t here. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the new Microsoft Edge Dev blog and will bring you the latest from it, so stay tuned for that.

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