Microsoft announces lower prices on Azure Virtual Machines and Blob Storage

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As the war for cloud computing dominance continues to rage on, Microsoft is rejiggering its offerings for its main weapon in Azure.

Venkat Gattamneni, director of product marketing for Microsoft’s Azure division announced today that Azure customers will be welcomed with lower prices on Azure Virtual Machines and Blog  Storage.

Specifically, Microsoft has reduced the price of compute-optimized instances and General purpose instances as low as 24% and 61% for those respective properties. Blob Storage prices have also been put on the cutting board receiving a 31% reduction for Hot Block Blog Storage and 38% for Cool Block Blog Storage.

Existing Azure customers can also celebrate reduced prices by moving data from General Purpose Blob using the AZ copy tool.

The new reduced pricing go into effect immediately. For those interested, more information and details can be found at Linux Virtual Machine Pricing and the Microsoft Azure blog.

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