Microsoft announces four week Family Caregiver leave benefit

Microsoft is always saying how it invests in its employees by encouraging higher education and hiring new employees that better diversify its resources. But today, the tech giant has taken a step back to show how much it truly values those in the company by offering employees a new benefit.

The four week family caregiver leave is designed to cater to employees that need to take fully paid time off to take care of a family member. The benefit, now available for U.S. branches as well as 22 other countries already, applies to those with family that are undertaking 'serious health conditions'.

Microsoft Human Resources vice president Kathleen Hogan, and cancer survivor, explained in her own words:

In all these scenarios, the birth of a child, one’s own health needs, or the needs of a close family member, one thing is certain: employees need flexibility and support to make a decision that’s best for them.

There are still some countries that have yet to have the family caregiver leave established. However, Microsoft is promising all of its hundreds of thousands employees the benefit within the upcoming months.

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