Microsoft announces quarterly dividend of $0.31 per share

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Microsoft shareholders will receive a payment to the tune of $0.31 per share as the Redmond based company announced a quarterly dividend in a report this morning. Shareholders have to have been on record since May 21, 2015 to receive payment on June 11, 2015.

Microsoft has been doing well lately in multiple areas as many of its services and products have been trending in the right direction. Yesterday we reported on Office 365 successes in the enterprise. Microsoft has also experienced success in the hardware front. Microsoft continues to make large purchases and those purchases can take time to turn into profits but the latest dividend indicates growth for the company.

The combination of success in its cloud first mobile first push combined with the turnaround of the Surface line set a solid bench mark for Microsoft as they prepare for one of their largest releases in years. The upcoming release of Windows 10 may have a larger effect on shareholders and dividends than anything else Microsoft does this year.

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