Microsoft announces the Deck Out Your Dorm Sweepstakes, just in time for back to school

If you’re a college student who’s moving into the dorms next year, then you’ll want to listen up. Microsoft has unveiled a new contest that’s meant just for you, offering up just about everything you’d need to truly flesh out your dorm with the latest Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Deck Out Your Dorm Sweepstakes

Microsoft Deck Out Your Dorm Sweepstakes.

Here’s the description:

Check out the Deck Out Your Dorm Sweepstakes video. Join Bing Rewards and enter for a chance to win a dorm makeover with the latest tech from Microsoft including a Surface Book, Xbox One and more. Study and play with the best of ’em.

Watch the video to get the details:

All you need to do is join Bing Rewards, accumulate some points by searing on Bing, and then enter the contest. It’s worth a few minutes, and you should be using Bing in any event to earn points that can be applied to all kinds of Microsoft products and services (and more).

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Will you be entering the Deck Out Your Dorm Sweepstakes?