Microsoft announces Connect() – an online developer event on November 12th

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Microsoft announces Connect() - an online developer event on November 12th

Microsoft will be hosting Connect(), an online developer event, on November 12th and 13th. In the event, Microsoft will talk about the future of its developer tools in a mobile-first, cloud-first, and DevOps-embracing market. 

The current mobile market is very diverse. You have three major mobile operating systems, and a variety of form factors. There are some tools available that make it easier to tackle a range of devices running different operating systems, such as using C# with the Xamirin IDE, and JavaScript and the Cordova tools for Visual Studio. However, if you are developing only for the Windows ecosystem, universal apps provide a convenient code base across form factors.

Microsoft also continues to broaden and enhance its cloud offerings with Azure, with support for both Windows and Linux. While the .NET platform continues to grow, Microsoft has ensured that developers from a range of backgrounds can benefit from the improvements in Azure.

DevOps is a concept that is speeding up application delivery in today’s marketplace. Microsoft is bringing services to Visual Studio to enable developers to embrace agile and dev/ops concepts.

You can read more about the background to Connect() here, and see the event page for more details, including schedule, here. Keep in mind that Visual Studio and the next version of its developer toolset will be the focus on November 12th. There will also be a live stream of the event and we will provide it to you once it becomes available.

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