Microsoft announces Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool for webmasters

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Mobile traffic is rising with every passing day. People tend to browse websites on their smartphones on the go and read their favorite websites, but there are times when the website you're viewing isn't optimized to be seenĀ on such a small screen. It's always a good idea to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, and if you're not sure, Microsoft has released the Bing Mobile Friendliness Tool for webmasters so they can check if their websites are mobile-friendly. The company also shed some light of the factors that determine how mobile-friendly the website really is.
As per the folks at Bing, they look at the following key factors to determine the mobile friendliness of a website:

  • Viewport and Zoom control configuration
  • Width of page content
  • Readability of text on the page
  • Spacing of links and other elements on the page
  • Use of incompatible plug-ins

The Bing Mobile Friendliness Tool takes into consideration all the key factors mentioned above and reports on the resourcesĀ that are needed to analyze the page fully, but failed to do so due to robots.txt constraints. Webmasters can make adjustments to the robots.txt file to cater this issue.
As soon as you put the URL of the website in the Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool, the crawler fetches the page and determines how good the website performs based on the factors mentioned above. If there are any issues, they are highlighted as shown in the image below.
The company's detailed post also highlights some of the ways on how you can fix those issues as well. You can check them out here. Microsoft stated,

The Mobile Friendliness Test tool is yet another important step in our commitment to help site owners create mobile-friendly experiences. We hope it greatly aids you in making your website mobile-friendly. Each time you run the tool against a URL, we crawl the page the same way Bingbot does, download necessary and allowed resources, dynamically render the mobile page, extract features and run it through our mobile classification algorithms to produce the verdict for your page.

This is definitely a very useful tool for webmasters as it can help them optimize their website for mobile visitors and makes sure it present the website in a simplistic and elegant way.

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