Microsoft and Toyota team up to show off the ‘Workplace of the Future’

Microsoft and Toyota team up to show off the ‘Workplace of the Future’

If there is one thing Microsoft seems to love, it is looking ahead. The company is regularly releasing videos showing off all sorts of futuristic technology in the works at the company labs. The latest offering comes from a collaborative effort.

Microsoft is teaming with auto-maker Toyota to show off the “workplace of the future”. A new four-minute video attempts to covey what the two corporations have done.

The short film begins with a look at the past state of the auto-factory, before launching into what Microsoft changed for this workplace. This involves upgrading computers and adding mobile devices into the daily mix. A Browser upgrade and Office 365 implementation were also, not surprisingly, involved in the process. Surface also make appearance in the video.

This all straight-forward stuff, none of that futuristic “you may never see this” technology. While making it interesting as far as today is concerned, it’s a bit disappointing for that little bit of Arthur C. Clarke that seems to live inside all tech geeks.

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