Microsoft and its employees raised $117 million for nonprofit organizations in 2014

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Tech Talent for Good

Over the last four years, the Microsoft has raised over $400 million for nonprofits and schools including $117 million in 2014. Microsoft has also increased the amount of money they donate for every hour an employee volunteers to $25. Additionally, to further help nonprofit organizations Microsoft has announced the “Tech Talent for Good” program that aims to deliver technical support to nonprofit organizations.

While Microsoft has many global efforts, they place a special emphasis on their home state. The Microsoft blog said, "The $117 million raised in 2014 includes $60 million for nearly 5,000 organizations in the state of Washington." In addition to the fundraising for nonprofit organizations in Washington state, Microsoft's Tech Talent for Good program is also initially only in Microsoft's home state.

The Tech Talent for Good program helps organizations receive the technical support they need to spread their work and the financial support they need to fund it. Nonprofit organizations often lack technical expertise and funding to fully support their causes. The Microsoft blog cites “46 percent of nonprofits don’t have the training budget for technology-related skills and knowledge.” Along with the donation of time from their employees delivering tech expertise Microsoft donates $25 per every hour served.

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