Microsoft and TechSmith working on Smart Player for Office 365

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: TechSmith YouTube

No matter how many times it’s framed and reframed, Windows 10 is quickly proving to be a much better release offering from Microsoft than Window 8 turned out to be. This time around, Window 10 appears to be properly courting the necessary partnerships and public opinion to give the OS wings. Among the many new (and reunited) partners, TechSmith is announcing the fruits of a close recent relationship with Microsoft. According to a TechSmith:

“TechSmith has been working closely with Microsoft to make sure our offerings work great on the new Windows platform, right from the start. The most recent versions of Snagit, Camtasia, and our latest app, TechSmith Smart Player for Office, will be ready for you to use on Windows 10 to create tutorial content showing others how to implement the latest versions of Office, Office 365, or Windows 10. Whatever the changes are to your users, TechSmith products will help you easily demonstrate those changes.”

For anyone unfamiliar with TechSmith, the company provides a screen cast-like service that helps users integrate interactive content with Microsoft services. Users who use TechSmith’s Smart Player for Office can now integrate their interactive material into Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Excel software. The whole process can be done from within OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Perhaps there is a natural ebb and flow that occurs with Windows release cycles. Windows 8 failed, Windows 10 seems to be dodging a similar fate, and companies like TechSmith are taking notice.