Microsoft and Sony team up to create the HDR Gaming Interest Group

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One X & Controller

Microsoft and Sony, long-time video game console rivals, have joined forces to help create a new group named, HDR Gaming Interest Group, or HGIG.

HGIG’s main purpose is to create production and distribution guidelines for companies to use to ensure high quality HDR visuals are maintained in future video game titles. According to the official announcement, a variety of companies in the gaming and TV display industries have helped develop the new guidelines.

As of today, the following companies have expressed interest in HGIG: Activision Publishing, ASUSTek Computer, CAPCOM, EIZO Corporation, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, HP, Koninklijke Philips  N.V., LG Electronics, Microsoft, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Square Enix, Toshiba, Ubisoft, Unity Technologies, Vicarious Visions, VIZIO, and WB Games. This list is expected to grow.

With HDR gaming becoming more common due to the release of consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Sony’s PS4 Pro, it makes sense that those who would be marketing their hardware as being capable of this feature would want to make sure that consumers have a positive experience. Any technical standards agreed upon by all of these companies should hopefully help that happen.

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