Microsoft and Paige join forces to develop world’s biggest AI model to detect cancer

Priya Walia

Artificial Intelligence

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Yesterday, a partnership was announced between Paige, a pioneering cancer diagnostics company, and Microsoft. The collaboration is to build the largest image-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) model the world has ever seen, a powerful tool aimed at fortifying the fight against cancer.

Paige has made significant strides in the realm of cancer detection by developing several AI models for cancer identification and measurement in tissue biopsies. The company’s Large Foundation Model is based on one billion images from half a million pathology slides across multiple cancer types.

With exclusive access to the world’s largest digital library of diverse cancer cases, Paige has unique resources to leverage in the development of AI-based diagnostic tools.

The latest undertaking, executed in partnership with Microsoft, will yield a new AI model that outstrips existing image-based models by several orders of magnitude. Configured with billions of parameters, this advanced AI model will be trained using up to four million digitized microscopy slides of various types of cancer.

Microsoft’s role in the partnership extends beyond being a collaborator. It will also provide strategic investment to Paige, aimed at speeding up the development and deployment of this vital AI diagnostic tool.

Microsoft Azure will serve as the cloud provider for the Paige Platform, the comprehensive solution that revolutionizes a lab’s digital pathology workflows.

In this new relationship, Paige will not only collaborate with Microsoft Research on the frontlines of machine learning models but also engage with Nuance, a Microsoft subsidiary, for integrations within Nuance’s Precision Imaging Network. Furthermore, Paige’s technology will be offered as a partner solution in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president, Global Healthcare & Life Sciences at Microsoft, shares the company’s enthusiasm about this partnership.

We look forward to working with Paige and providing Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare customers the ability to unlock the potential of AI in digital pathology.

Paige’s CEO, Dr. Andy Moye, was equally enthusiastic.

We’re thrilled to partner with Microsoft to make AI cancer diagnostics accessible to countless laboratories and hospitals worldwide, ushering in a new era of diagnostics and precision treatments to substantially improve patients’ lives.

Do you think AI can help detect cancer? Let us know your views on this new development.