Microsoft and LG agree to work together on automotive technologies

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft and LG are partnering together in a memorandum of understanding to help develop automotive technologies. As part of the agreement, LG will use Microsoft Azure’s cloud and AI advancements to help power its new automotive platform (via Neowin). The resident of LG’s Vehicle Component Solutions Ccompany, Kim Jon-yong, explained their goals further, saying that,

“Our expectation is that the combination of Microsoft’s advanced cloud infrastructure with LG’s fast-growing automotive components business will accelerate the self-driving auto industry as a whole. We’re confident that the combination of Microsoft and LG technologies will create a new benchmark in autonomous auto AI.”

LG will be able to take advantage of the AI to improve areas of its current technologies, such as the its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, as well as its camera systems. And with the cloud powering everything, it’ll help the experience continue to improve, and potentially bring autonomous vehicles into the streets more quickly.

LG will also use high performance processors and GPUs, which the Korean company promises to greatly reduce computing time needed for its software to learn about and adapt to its surroundings and the environment. All of this is thanks to AI and the cloud, which Microsoft has been heavily invested in.