Microsoft and HPE are working together to make Hybrid IT simple

Kit McDonald

We first heard about the Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise collaboration a year ago, and according to recent announcements, the pairing is still going strong.

Scott Guthrie of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft and Antonio Neri from HPE presented an update about the ongoing project between the two companies at the Discover 2016 conference in London this morning. Both speakers shared to the digital transformation event more about how they want to make hybrid IT simpler for organizations.

The collaborative pair is attempting to make hybrid IT simple for organizations through the introduction of the HPE Hyper-Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard earlier this year. The system has true hybrid cloud capabilities when it worked with conjunction with the Azure Stack solution, increases the efficiency of services on-premises.

Other notes from the stage include:

  • HPE Consulting for Azure Cloud – Provides assistance for ITs ti implement Azure Stack and HPE Flexible Capacity
  • HPE also has reference architecture that will work with Microsoft products and HPE infrastructure to deploy hybrid clouds.
  • Microsoft Operations Management Suite with HPE OneView – Provides insights and access to the hybrid cloud to manage infrastructure and applications.

More is to come from the collaboration between Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The new innovation center in Seattle is the first of its kind where organizations and businesses can meet with experts from both companies and learn about setting up their Azure Stack infrastructure. Given the response towards the current, another location might be opened up in Europe in the future.